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Larry E Heck (with his Pass Patrol 4x4 Travel Club) was credited by many for generating intense interest in traveling the outback found in the Rocky Mountain States.

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Larry appeared in numerous TV News clips, sold thousands of guide books, and taught many dozens of people how to explore the outback without damaging it or theirselves.

Pass Patrol rescued scores of people who wandered into the outback without the proper equipment.  On one occasion, the group rescued a Llama that became ill while being used as a pack animal on the Continental Divide Trail. They rescued numerous mountain bikers with flat tires and dozens of backpackers who ran out of water while hiking in Utah's desert.  They rescued vehicles caught in mountain blizzards and saved the lives of couples unprepared for the sudden storms that can and do suddenly descend on unsuspecting explorers.

During its fifteen years in operation, the club frequently counted more than one hundred members.  Even so, with 100 days a year to choose from, the average size group on any single day was only four vehicles.  Members learned how to camp while leaving no trace and honored the slogan of Tread Lightly.



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